About Us

Our Why

The company is owned by technocrats from different fields to reduce and make use of waste to minimize the environmental impact. Waste is a major problem in India, and as we are a developing country, the development needs to continue, which further contributes to the pollution problem. Hence, new ways must be developed to counter these problems. One of these pollutants is glass. Recycling of glass is possible, but the energy consumption is high. Global Warming has impinged negative environmental impact and discomfort to people. There is a need for a product which will have thermal insulation properties. Moreover, technological advancements and lack of space have made our cities grow vertically, increasing the demand for lightweight materials.

What is Rekach?

Rekach is a lightweight foamed granule manufactured from post-consumer recycled glass. The Rekach granules are indigenously developed and made in India.

Rekach foam granules due to its inherent properties of lightness, thermal insulation, fire resistance, sound absorption, pressure resistance, chemical and biological inertness, environmental safety, long lastingness make it useful in use with a combination of different materials for producing the next generation product.

Where We're Headed

Our vision for Rekach is to bring transformation and disrupt the conventional ways of doing things. We want to introduce and commonise a better alternative for construction and other production services which is significantly more efficient, flexible, cost-effective, and nature-friendly. Starting with a few industries, we want to continually experiment and innovate solutions for different sectors and make available Rekach to them.

What We're Trying to Achieve

Our mission is to effectively reuse the waste, reducing its negative impact on the planet. Taking the glass waste, we want to create, not just a product, but an approach towards work, with better utilisation of resources and more flexibility.

Ensuring the Best Standards

We use premium quality and modern equipment along with highly skilled and technical staff, ensuring leading quality. All our products confirm the European codes for Lightweight Aggregates EN 13055:2016(E).