What is Rekach?

Rekach is a lightweight foamed granule manufactured from post-consumer recycled glass. The Rekach granules are indigenously developed and made in India. Rekach foam granules due to its inherent properties of lightness, thermal insulation, fire resistance, sound absorption, pressure resistance, chemical and biological inertness, environmental safety, long lastingness make it useful in use with a combination of different materials for producing the next generation product.

Why it's the best?

The unique characteristics of Rekach make it an advantageous solution for a range of industries. Its lightness and flexibility complement the designs of the future. It's available in different sizes, each supporting a different cause.

Thermal Insulation Properties

Rekach foamed glass granules having air cavities inside provide excellent low thermal conductivity. These properties make it a great thermal insulating material.

Acoustic Insulating Properties

It absorbs sound, increasing the acoustic efficiency.

Extremely Lightweight

Rekach foamed glass granules with its low bulk density make the products lighter. It improves performance by reducing the weight for higher volume.

Fire Resistance

Rekach foamed glass granules are made of maximum glass content and are non-flammable. They do not produce any harmful gases during a fire. The products are an excellent fireproof material having an operating temperature range of - 200°C to 700°C.

Pressure Resistance

Rekach foamed glass granules have closed cells which are pressure-resistant in addition to being extremely lightweight.

Low Water Absorption

Rekach foamed glass granules have closed cells which are encased in a fuse coated outer layer during its production process, creating low water-absorbing granules. The structure of close bubbles, no capillary phenomenon, and zero penetration make it an ideal thermal insulating material.

Ecologically Safe

Rekach foamed glass granules are inert, non-toxic, odour free, and do not have any hazardous materials. Rekach, when used under different temperatures or humidity conditions, releases no chemical substance.

Chemically And Biologically Inert

Rekach foamed glass granules are non-reactive to almost all the chemicals. They do not deteriorate under environmental conditions and also do not promote micro-organism’s growth and are rodent proof.

Rekach Sample Service

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