What is Rekach?

Rekach is a lightweight foamed granule manufactured from post-consumer recycled glass. The Rekach granules are indigenously developed and made in India. Rekach foam granules due to its inherent properties of lightness, thermal insulation, fire resistance, sound absorption, pressure resistance, chemical and biological inertness, environmental safety, long lastingness make it useful in use with a combination of different materials for producing the next generation product.

Why it's the best?

The unique characteristics of Rekach make it an advantageous solution for a range of industries. Its lightness and flexibility complement the designs of the future. It's available in different sizes, each supporting a different cause.


Rekach foamed granules are versatile with useful characteristics. These lightweight aggregates can be used for multiple applications such as fills, lightweight panels, plaster and dry motor, and more.


Rekach foamed granules are made from recycled glass, reducing the burden on natural resources. Being lightweight, they can be easily handled, and transported in more quantity at once, decreasing the need for more transportation. Their insulating properties make buildings more energy-efficient and help save energy.


Rekach helps to improve layer thickness because of its low weight. When added to plaster, tile cement, and mortar, it makes application easier. Rekach also improves non-flammability and compressive strength and reduces fragility and shrinkage.


Rekach foamed granules help reduce the overall cost. Because of their low weight, they provide higher packing densities and also reduce the transportation costs. They are easier to apply and lead to minimum wastage.

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